Theme creation

If you want to create custom theme (template) for your SocialEngine website, you're in the right place.

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Theme creation for SocialEngine PHP

There are two options for the customer. The first one is to take a ready theme (one of those which goes in the set with the engine, or buy a new theme from outside developers) and slightly modify it: change shifts, colors, background, borders, etc. In this case you need to inform what is the theme you want us to modify and very detailed description what exactly you would like to change. If you want to use this option – please write us in the feedback form.

Second option is to create a totally new theme. In this case we will draw design for main pages of the website (usually for a social site 5-7 pages are enough) with unlimited revisions. After approval we will mark it up and implement as a theme for a social website. Also this option includes creating a logo if the client doesn’t have one and also a splash screen if needed.


Buy it Now $999.00