SocialEngine hosting

With phpFox hosting provided by SocialEgineMobi you can focus on building your social network instead of server management and SE fixes. Let our SocialEngine experts work for you!

Hosting for SocialEngine PHP

SocialEngine performance on big communities is a known issue which is usually caused by a bad hosting, inappropriate configurations and big amount of modules that require optimization.

Most of social networks still require professional attention on not optimized web servers. It becomes a very critical problem as soon as your social network grows up and have a lot of active users and increasing traffic of new users.

Fortunately, our team is highly experienced in this kind of services and we will do our best to solve any hosting-related issues.

How does it work?

We've partnered and worked together with Hostiso hosting provider to offer you optimized servers that improve SocialEngine performance.

  • select the hosting plan;
  • purchase the plan using phpfoxer promo code;
  • Hostiso migrates your site to the optimized server for free;
  • our development team apply optimization tweaks to your SocialEngine site.

Check out following benefits we offer:

Optimized SocialEngine PHP

We'll apply optimization tweaks to speed-up pages loading. If you don't have SocialEngine license yet, you may purchase SocialEngine here.

Optimized Hosting

You will get specially optimized servers for SocialEngine with higher memory, powerful CPU and bunch of server add ons (i.e. MariaDB instead of MySQL/MySQLi server caching etc.).

Free setup & migration

We'll provide with a free migration towards pre-constructed server for you and make sure that everything is working properly.

Free SocialEngine plugins

You can get any SocialEngineMobi plugins of $50 value for free and we'll install it for you.

Full Support

You'll receive free full support for SocialEngine, its plugins, themes and complete server management from Hostiso.


You can save up to 90% using special phpfoxer coupon code for your first month.

Ready to start on your new server?

Follow the link below to go and review the hosting pricing and configurations.